Shoes and Footwear testing

Scope of Services
Standard requirement for parts of footwear accessories/collar/outsole/insole/lining/shoe-pad/counters/heel and toe cap
Leather and imitation leather machine, embossing machine safety standard requirement/ molded shoe repair machine safety requirement/General requirement for noise test/nailing machine safety requirement.
Leather and shoe Adhesives: Use color transfer technique to measure color changing on the surface of white or light colored leather/ Heat resistance of the adhesive that held the collar/ assessment for the minimum standard requirement for the adhesive test and material classification/ performance test under standard conditions for both the solvent-type and the dispersion-type adhesives/testing for solvent-type and the dispersion-type adhesives/ Minimum requirement for the performance of adhesives used for shoe collar/ adhesion test/ minimum quality requirement and adhesives classification
Testing method for insole: Peel strength between layers/ nail-heel holding strength/ anti-abrasion performance/ seam strength up front/ dimensional stability
Testing method for outsole: anti-abrasion performance / tear strength/ dimensional stability/seam strength up front/ tear strength for the profile control layer and peel strength between layers/compression properties
Outsole, insole, lining and shoe-pad testing method: Water-soluble substance content
Anti-aging treatment
Insole, lining and shoe-pad testing: Sweat resistance
Testing for counters: vertical firmness
Testing for whole shoes: heat resistance/ attaching strength at heel/ water resistance
Collar surface and lining testing method: anti-folding property/ peel strength between layers/ vapor permeable and vapor absorption level/ color transfer/ high temperature property/ heat resistant property/ tearing strength/seam strength
Protective footwear for professional motor-bikers: standard requirement and testing method
Fabrics: measuring the wearing strength of knitted shoes
Anti-Chemical protective footwear 1st part: terminology and testing methods.
Anti-Chemical protective footwear 2nd part: standard requirement for anti-chemical protective footwear within lab environment.
Anti-Chemical protective footwear 3rd part: standard requirement for high efficient anti-chemical protective footwear within lab environment
Footwear for fire department:
AMD PRA 1: standard requirement and testing method for professional footwear (safety enhanced, protection enhanced, and occupation footwear)
AMD PRA 1: standard requirement for professional safety shoes
AMD PRA 1: standard requirement for professional protection shoes
AMD PRA 1: standard requirement for footwear for special occupations Protective suit for chain-saw user Part 3 Testing method for footwear
Footwear production equipment, safety requirement for molding apparatus.
Subsidiary method for footwear testing: Metal subsidiary, anti corrosion.
Personal protective equipments: safety shoe, protective shoes, footwear for special professions
and more related tests can be done upon request.

Accreditations and Recognitions
Specific testing items of STC’s textile, furniture, footwear and materials testing have, meanwhile, been accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), the Woolmark Company (IWS), The Govmark Organization, Inc (Govmark) and Marks and Spencer (M & S).